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How to Safeguard Your Home Against All Manner of Pests

No one wants to be invaded by pests, whether they’re rodents or insects. This can be especially trying when they arrive unexpectedly on a day when you’re hosting guests. Thankfully, there are techniques and tricks you can use to keep these uninvited visitors at bay.

Time to Declutter

Unfortunately, clutter is an invitation for many pests, particularly spiders, cockroaches, and rodents. To avoid infestations, reduce the amount of clutter you have around your property by staying organized. For example, you can keep birthday cards, as well as other valuable paper mementos and documents, together by investing in a good filing cabinet. If you have old and unused technology or furniture laying around — like an outdated computer or a table that you’ll never repair — then it’s time to donate or recycle them. Any items you decide to keep should have “homes,” designated places where it will be easy to find them.

Don’t Ignore Garbage

One prime place that insects like to breed in is garbage. The last thing we want when someone comes over for dinner is for bugs to be buzzing about or ants crawling everywhere, so stay on top of your trash cans — especially in the kitchen. Preferably, have a garbage can that comes with a lid, and use it at all times to prevent pests from entering. You also want to think about your outside garbage cans and what pests could be drawn to them. Double bag your trash, use ammonia spray during warmer months, and consider freezing food scraps before throwing them away to avoid smells attracting critters.

Keep Things Dry

Often, pests need warm, damp environments to thrive in. The most obvious solution is to get rid of all standing water on your property, including an unused fountain, or even puddles in holes in the yard. You should also keep an eye out for leaks, since these can act as a draw, too. If you find one, seal it quickly not only to stop pests, but also to prevent mold from growing. If you plan on having guests, it may be wise to reseal and freshen up the caulk of your showers. This way, you stop any leaks before they happen.

Close Things Up

It’s easy to overlook, but pests can get in simply through a convenient hole or crack. If you leave a door open even for just a few minutes while you do something outside, you could be letting in rodents, roaches, or any number of nasties. Encourage guests to keep doors shut, too, and do visual checks for cracks in the walls. You can seal cracks easily with mesh and plaster. Should they be larger than you’re comfortable handling, get a professional to help.

Check All Pets

An unexpected source of pests might be your furry friend, and no, not just dogs. Cats, too, can carry and spread pests around the home. To prevent this, get your pet checked by a vet regularly, and follow any advice given. As added protection, you may want to invest in a flea collar to keep your pet safe from pests. This way, not only do your pets stay healthy, but your home remains clean and free of nuisances.

It may

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seem like a good deal of work, but keeping your home free from pests is worth the effort. Once you get the big things done, like decluttering and sealing cracks, you can then focus on maintaining the work you’ve completed. You’ll feel relieved knowing that pests aren’t around when you have friends and family over, and you can be proud of your clean, pest-free home.

Guest post by Cindy Aldridge

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