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Budget Friendly Ways to Reduce Pet Dander and Odors

The day you adopt a pet can be one of the happiest days of your life. Excitement is in the air. After all this time searching for the “purrfect” pet, you’ve found your new companion and best friend. You’ve put effort into pet-proofing your home, and now, it’s time to finally bring your beloved pet home to live with you.


Of course, once you bring your pet home, you’ll need to consider ways to keep your home clean and free of pet odors, dander, and fur. Luckily, there are many ways to do this without breaking the bank.

Here are a few of the many budget-friendly options that are available to today’s pet owners to help keep their homes clean:

Reducing Pet Dander

Finding a way to reduce pet dander is one of the most common concerns of owners of any breed that sheds. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to remove pet fur, dander, or saliva from your home.

One great option is to invest in an air purifier designed with pet allergens in mind, which will control the pet dander in your home as well as eliminate a wide variety of toxins and contaminants from the air within your home.

The use of an air purifier is a great way to control the amount of pet dander in your home, reducing asthma and allergy attacks and helping all humans (and pets) breathe better. Just be mindful that there are some air filters that are better suited for pet parents than others, so be sure to compare different models to find one within your budget with features that will work best for your needs.

Animal Planet also recommends purchasing a lint roller or brush specifically made for removing pet dander from furniture, flooring, and other surfaces within your home. Wipe down surfaces on a regular basis to keep pet dander under control.

Reducing Pet Odor

No pet owner wants their home to smell like wet dog or reek of pet urine. Recent studies have even shown that pet odors are more than just annoying; some odors, like urine, can actually be harmful for our health. This is even more reason to manage, reduce, and eliminate odors from your home.

Some pet odors, like the wet-dog smell, can be reduced through the same deodorizing techniques you’d normally use when cleaning your home. For instance, you could start with these recommendations from Good Housekeeping.

You might purchase an essential oil diffuser to find a natural, chemical-free, and affordable way to reduce the odors from your home. Additional options might include candles, scented fragrance waxes, and air fresheners, all of which can be purchased in a variety of scents and for a wide range of prices. As an added bonus for any human loved ones in the home, the smell of essential oils and other fragrances can actually trigger nostalgic, soothing memories and feelings, which will help you enjoy your quality time spent at home with your beloved pet.

Dog owners can put their pets in obedience training, perform proper housebreaking techniques, and address any separation anxiety issues to help reduce the frequency of potty accidents. You can also purchase odor removers with special enzymes that can break down pet urine. If all else fails and the urine smell is persistent, you might want to replace rugs, carpets, flooring, or furniture to completely eliminate the odor.

Reducing Allergens

The tips mentioned above are more than just ways to reduce odors or keep your home looking fresh and clean. They are also beneficial to anyone in the home who might be highly allergic. Whether your loved one is allergic to pet dander or has outdoor environmental allergies, such as allergies to pollens that could be tracked in on your pet’s fur, the tips listed above will help reduce allergens.

By purifying the air and cleaning the environment inside your home, you’ll keep your home clean while also keeping your family and pets healthy and happy.

Guest post by Cindy Aldridge

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Apr 27, 2020

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