George “Boog” Potter, CFO, Owner of all locations

In addition to owning Concord Title, Mr. Potter has owned and operated a number of companies in various industries including real estate development, rental management, marina management, athletic and apparel operations.  He has more than 25 years of experience with commercial and residential transactions and has served as a financial officer and consultant to several companies.  Mr. Potter has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Tennessee with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship.


Tara Roddy, Office Manager/Closing Agent

Mrs. Roddy started gaining a solid reputation in the industry back in 2003 and has been wowing our clients since 2011. Her dedication and commitment to excellence ensure each closing exceeds your expectations. Listen for her voice on the radio, as she is Concord Title’s number one cheerleader!


Jennifer Weigel, Senior Closing Agent

Ms. Weigel has been in the business since 2012. She got into real estate after graduating from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. While she has spent the majority of her career in the title business, she does have experience working with real estate agents and in the mortgage industry – she decided the title side was her favorite. She enjoys getting to meet new people every day at the closing table and helping them to get there smoothly.

Whitney Stone, Closing Agent

Ms. Stone has been in the business since 2012. She was a Real Estate Paralegal for 4 years. She has an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies, Bachelor’s in Business, and Just finished my MBA from King University. She love’s the title business because she gets to help people. She also serves in the military.


Heather Bryan, Attorney/Closing Agent

Nathalie De La Torre, Marketing Director

Mrs. De La Torre is newer to the title business. She came from Property management and has a background in marketing. She is our friendly face outside the office. She is diligently planning events for our realtors, marketing, and implementing new ideas to our offices. She is also Bi-lingual and will assist in closings as needed.  Please contact her if you would like to know more about the marketing opportunities we have to help realtors grow their business, the classes we offer or how to get CE credits.

Emma Shannon, Processor to Tara Roddy

Ms. Shannon provides excellent customer service and client satisfaction at all times. Her friendly disposition and exceptional organizational skills allow her to process each file efficiently.


Michelle Gaddis, Processor to Tara Roddy

Mrs. Gaddis is always available to troubleshoot any issues in a positive and professional manner. Her experience with customer service allows her to put our clients at ease during the closing process.

Grace Williams, Processor to Jennifer Kitzmiller

Ms. Carroll used to be our friendly face at the front desk and she did such a great job with our clients that we quickly saw that she was ready for a role that worked closely with them. Grace’s processing role includes gathering all the pertinent information from our buyers, sellers, mortgage companies etc., and going over details to make sure everything is in order before a file makes it to the closing table.

Kiley Bechtel, Processor to Whitney Stone

Ms. Bechtel joined our office in 2020 and quickly moved from receptionist to processor.  She is Whitney Stones Processor. 

Candus Armstrong, Post Closing/Escrow Manager 

Mrs. Armstrong has 15 years of experience working in the title field. She possesses phenomenal organizational skills to ensure all post-closing tasks are completed. Candus has a “can do” attitude and makes sure that our Client’s questions are never left unanswered.

Lexi Hall, Post-Closing Specialist

Mrs. Hall is new in the title field. She possesses phenomenal organizational skills to ensure all post-closing tasks are completed. Lexi has a “can do” attitude and makes sure that our Client’s questions are never left unanswered.

Nancy Hankins, Commitment & Final Policy Specialist

Mrs. Hankins is a full-time title work analyst. Reviewing and entering data for the title commitments. She also prepares and issues our final lender and owner policies.

Margaret Hemphill, Order Specialist/Commitment Policy Specialist

Ms. Hemphill has been in the industry for 3 years. She has crossed trained in all areas of the real estate title industry. She Favors back of the house aspect and enjoy analyzing title searches to produce title commitments. She value's the legal knowledge and is always learning something new working with our Attorneys on complex title issues. Additionally,  she sets up the files, assign the closers, and order title searches. 


Makayla Finkeiner, Concierge Services & Receptionist

Ms. Finkeiner is responsible for implementing Concord Title's Concierge Services along with additional Realtor services. Makayla is not only one the first faces you see when you walk into Concord Title but she assists with day to day operations as well. She ensures even the most difficult file is closed with a celebration of smiles.


Becky Roberts, Office Manager & Senior Closing Agent

Ms. Roberts has extensive experience in the industry with over 16 years of title expertise. She is committed to providing superior service by exceeding customer expectations for all their title and closing needs. She will ensure a smooth and professional closing every time.


Lisa Sterling, Closing Agent

Mrs. Sterling began her career out of college in finance where she spent 14 years and decided in 2018 to get into the title business.  Now as a closing agent for Concord Title she strives to meet and exceed all of our clients' title closing needs.  She is passionate about working with people and loves being at the closing table. She ensures that each closing is completed effortlessly for all agents, buyers, and sellers and that everyone leaves with a smile.


Brittany Alexander, Receptionist & Processor

Ms. Alexander was born and raised here in Tennessee. She went to MTSU/Middle TN State Univ. where she received her Bachelors's in English. She was intending on becoming a teacher but working in title sort of fell out of the sky for her. She started with opening orders and answering the phones and then gradually started processing after about 6 months. Title is just something that came naturally to her. She enjoys the fast pace of this industry and helping people during the biggest transactions of their lives. There is a lot of meaning behind what we do and she feels as though it’s necessary to make sure people are comfortable and happy throughout the closing process. Her favorite closings are the ones with first time homebuyers


Lisa Moschella, Office Manager & Closing Agent

Ms. Moschella has 27 years of experience in the title world. She continually impresses those around her with her depth of understanding of the industry. Her commitment to excellence ensures a smooth real estate transaction at every closing. 


Alene Atkins, Processor

Ms. Atkins is always committed to providing superior customer service for all agents, buyers, and sellers. Her dedication and commitment to processing each file in a timely manner ensure closing will exceed customer expectations.

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